When you receive your CP Purple:

You will need to have a gallon container to mix the purple with water (you can use a gallon water jug or milk jug).  The dilution is ½ oz to the gallon or 15ml/cc.  Fill the container up with 1 gallon of water first or it will foam over and waste the product and will not be as strong. Now add ½ oz of concentrated CP Purple into the gallon of water and shake it up. Use a small funnel and put the mixed ready to use product into a spray bottle and turn the nozzle to mist. Now you are ready to mist any surface (just a mist you do not have to soak it) leave the surface wet, do not wipe it off, you are just wasting the product and defeating the purpose if you do that. 1 gallon of CP Purple at ½ oz to the gallon will make approximately 256 gallons of usable product.

Things you should watch and disinfect to keep you safe:

We keep our office doors locked. No one comes in unless we let them in. Once they leave we spray everything (door handles, floor, anything they touched) with CP Purple.

Spray your mail box and all of your mail before you bring it in your home. We use a cardboard box with a note on it for the mailman to drop the mail in the box then we put on rubber gloves to pick it up and spray (mist) one side then turn it over and spray the other side and let it dry. Spray your gloves before taking them off so you can reuse them. There will be a shortage of those also.

Next if you have a trash can or recycle box spray them when you take them out and spray them again before you bring them in (best to use plastic bags). No germs. One guy said our trash guy has a metal hook to pick up the trash cans so no humans touch it????????? How many dirty trash cans did the hook touch?????

Take off your shoes at the door and spray them off. Don’t bring them in if possible; you will walk more germs in your house that way than any other way. If you have carpet, mist it at least once a week.

Spray off your money. I put it in a bag and mist it, then leave it to sit overnight (do not put it in a dryer). Dump it on the floor let it dry, money is dirty.

Spray your door handles daily. Mist any place someone other than you has touched. If you have to go out carry your spray bottle with you.

There is a shortage of sanitizer wipes. Here are 2 ways to make your own: If you can find them get some baby wipes that are in a pouch that you can close. We open them up and take out about 5 wipes; we then turn them over with the pouch open and squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Then you can take your pump out of your concentrated CP Purple and put it in your ready to use gallon and pump it about 6 times into the baby wipes pouch, close the pouch and stand it up on one side let it sit then squeeze it and stand it up on the other side and leave it sit, then lay it flat and let it sit overnight. When you squeeze it if it is too wet you can turn it over and drain the extra product out. If you want it to dry faster put 1 oz. of rubbing alcohol in it (if you can find it there is a shortage on the rubbing alcohol as well). If you can’t find the rubbing alcohol Everclear grain alcohol works as well.

And unless this malaria pill will work this is going to be a long haul!! Look at China, it’s been since December 1, and they still have not turned the corner if you can believe the date they have given us.

America will solve this for the rest of the world.

Keep safe, and keep clean.

“Wash your hands and drown a germ.”

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